Thursday, May 12, 2016

 Mother's Day Breakfast

Pre-K 106 says Thank you to our families 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


This month Pre-K is learning all about Water. Children move from thinking critically about light, darkness and shadows to explorations of the properties and uses of water. Children will be actively using a water table in the classroom. They will observe and explore ice and water at different temperatures and perform experiments with water and ice.  We also will be thinking critically about why some items sink and float.

Children will be exploring the answers to the following questions.

Where we can find water?
What happens to water when it changes temperature?
What happens when we put things in water?
How does water help us?

We encourage you to reflect on this unit with the children and have suggested some activities you can do with your child at home. 

Test objects to see if they sink or float
Ask children to consider whether there is water in the foods and beverages they eat and drink together.
Cook with your child and talk about whether the ingredient has water in it.

Freeze water and discuss different ways it can melt and which is going to happen faster 
Draw pictures with your child about different things they like to do with water.
Read a story about water and have your child draw their favorite part.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


This Week Pre-K 100 is learning all about Shadows

We have been learning all about the sun and how the sun shines on us. There is a dark place behind you where the sun does not shine. The darkness is your shadow. 

Our shadow does what we do! 

Striking a pose as our shadow follows us!

Michael outlining Wilson's Shadow

                           Letter of the Week is....

                        "D" is for Donut 

Enjoying our donuts! 

D is for delicious!

Friday, April 1, 2016


The Unit of study for the next four weeks is Light. Children have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of natural and man-made sources of light. Activities throughout the unit have children explore light, darkness and shadows with hands-on materials as well as provide opportunities for children to make predictions and think about their world in increasingly abstract ways.
Throughout this unit, there are opportunities to develop children’s literacy skills. Children will enjoy literature, engage in discussions are stories, and retell and act out stories they have read.

Children will be exploring and deepening their knowledge of the following questions over four weeks.

How and why do we use different kinds of light?
What kinds of lights are around us?
What is darkness?
How does light help us?
What are Shadows?

In order to create an effective unit we are asking that parents please donate the following items if they have them in their home

·      Paper Towels Tubes
·      Toilet paper tubes
·      Old CDs

·      Flashlights

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Special Visitors in Pre K 106

        We  recently ended our unit on Transportation. We learned about different vehicles that travel on land, air and water. Also, we talked about who operates various vehicles and what vehicles carry. 
As a special way to complete our unit, we invited Police Officer Fernandez and Police Officer Ciaramella to teach us about their important jobs. 
Thank you for being brave and for helping our community